Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Days of a Two Year Old


It has been 7 weeks since we returned home with Bryce and you would have thought it was a year ago. As I have mentioned before, the best way for a family to transition their adopted child is to truly read them and try to understand this little life. Bryce is not different but doing so well. We can actually go to dinner and he does really well. On Mothers Day we went to the Chart House in Philadelphia (we had $50 in gift cards) and he did so well. When Cindy ran in the Race For The Cure he kept cheering with his right hand high in the air...

Go Mommy go!

Last night we were driving and Julia was listening to her Ipod and then she put it away. Bryce spoke up and asked for his own Ipod...At 2.5. 7 weeks ago he did not even know that an Ipod existed. Funny.

The key areas:

Sleep...Bryce does so well with sleep. We snuggle with him on the rocking chair each night and we have settled into a routine before bed.
7:30pm: Kapatah (bath) and the kid LOVES the bath. Asks for them every day and will do everything we ask for a bath. I guess the cold water baths in the orphanage have not math to warm water and 3 people loving you.

7:50pm: Apples (he does not eat the skin when they are cut but does eat the skin when the apple is whole, go figure)

8:00pm: As Bryce calls it...LOVIE. We watch a movie for 10 minutes and it is always the Bernstein Bears. (He wants nothing to do with the tv except right before bed)

Loves pizza and chicken and Campbell's vegetable soup. Drinks all of the soup broth first with a straw then eats the rest with a spoon. He loves it

Are you kidding. You should see his face light up when he sees Julia. Bryce goes nuts when she gets off the bus and makes her a tad embarrassed in front of her friends. They were wrestling and he hurt Julia's wrist as she has the skinniest wrists around. We spent Friday night in the hospital.

He loves to walk around and simply say home! Then he gets a BIG smile and turns his head. He is really starting to understand that this is his home and he will never leave.

Doing so well. At the 75% for height and weight. WE do have some issues with parasites in his intestines but we are completing the medicine for him.

Billy and Cindy...
Amazed at the journey, missing the people we met in Russia, humbles to be parents of al ittle boy following the command of the Bible and tired.

We love you.

Billy for the family


  1. Dunn Family--I have LOVED reading your blog and following your journey as you are just a little ahead of me. Reading your blog gave me hope when I felt that it would never happen for me. In 16 days I leave to meet my baby boy in Kras and just am counting the seconds to see and hold him. I loved hearing all the things you did in Kras and am planning to make the most of my stay. My email is cac_li@yahoo.com Would love to talk to you personally. Cindy

  2. We miss you guys, and rejoice in the miracle of adoption with you. Happy Mother's Day Cindy.

    Pete and MaryEllen

  3. Hi again. I came across your blog address after many months. You took a picture of our Anna in Bryces orphanage when we were waiting for our court date. She has been home almost 6 months now, WOW how time does fly! She is doing so incredibly well, she lights up our home and we are still so amazed how God perfectly paired her for our family. So good to see that Bryce is adjusting well, his language skills are amazing! Read that Bryce had some parasites, Anna had giardia and it took a couple rounds of meds to clear it all. Curious to hear if you have made any progress with the other little boy being adopted from the orphanage. I can't get many of the faces we saw out of my mind and I pray for them often. We loved our experience in Kras and with the orphanage, Galena was great. If you would like to keep up with us our site is yarbrough5.blogspot.com. I love keeping in touch with families whose children were in Anna's orphanage at the same time. Maybe someday they could meet and have that connection.
    Ryan and Amy Yarbrough