Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the first kiss goes to...

Julia. Would you expect any different. What an amazing day today. We again meet with our Russian driver promptly at 8:00am and made the hour drive to the orphanage. The drive is amazing to think that we are in the middle of Siberia and for the rest of our lives will always have a special place in our hearts for this part of the world.

***And just in case you are wondering, Russia currently has between 700,000 to 1,000,000 kids currently living as orphans. Each trip in the orphanage makes us wish that we could bring more home and since we are unable to right now let us take a moment to encourage any person reading this "amazing" blog (just kidding) to consider an adoption from Russia. We would love to have the chance to tell you all about the countless reasons why Russia would be a wonderful place to add to your family. The kids are so beautiful...

When we arrived at the orphanage Bryce was already waiting for us and he started with a few tears for just a couple of minutes then he was amazing for the remaining 2 hours and 20 minutes. The challenge is that the room has kids in it coming and going with caregivers and these are the only people he knows. We only speak a few russian words and look very different from many of the people he is used to and so that makes it tough for him. I pray for his heart each day that God would protect him from the stress of leaving all that he has known and come live with us.

We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear (thanks Stricklands) each day and he really likes it. We play trucks, musical things, with the ball, etc. Bryce is such a really good boy and people have commented on how good he is in the orphanage. Today he said our names multiple times and also said the word grandma and at the conclusion of our time gave each of us a long hug and gave Julia a kiss right on the lips. Her response when he left..."I am so glad he gave me a kiss but did it have to be right on the lips"

Bryce is very smart and extremly inquisitive. He wants to understand everything. He sat on our laps for most of the time and just likes being held. We did spill a huge container of kids puffs as he would not let go of them. Very funny.

After the visit Julia did school and daddy worked then we went to the sledding hill followed by dinner at Subway and to the kids store for a stroller. It was a nice way to be together and we are so grateful for all that God has provided for us with Bryce. We are living literally each moment an Amazing Race scenario and God is leading every step of the way. Julia has been such a blessing each day and travels so well. Cindy has this amazing heart of compassion and it is a joy to be together. We are grateful for all of the other families here that we have had time to meet and some families here as miss***aries that have treated us so well. I trust that each of you know that we would not be here without your support. We have tears in our eyes when we think about it.
Tomorrow it is off to the orphanage at 8:00am.
Photo 1-2: This is the main part of town where they have amazing ice sculptors and this wonderful ice slide. Needless to say that -10 is fine to keep the ice for several months.
Photo 3-4: Bryce loves to hear a persons name and feed them a puff.

Photo 5: Billy reading with Bryce and realizing NOW just how much hair he has lost.

We love you and are so thankful for each of you.

Billy for the family


  1. Dear Billy, Cindy, Julia, and Bryce,
    We are sooo happy for your family. We love reading your blog and seeing the pictures that you post each day. Enjoy your time in Russia... it will go way too fast! Love and prayers, the Bensons

  2. Love the pictures! It seems like Russia is a world away, especially in the south... we are 65 degrees today!

    So glad you have Bryce in your family. I hope the week(s?) go by quickly until you can bring him home. Safe travel and God's blessings! I haven't read your whole blog yet but I will try to do so.

    --chris (mccarthy from vvc) ferguson