Wednesday, February 25, 2009

T-Shirts and English Words

So thanks for keeping up with our great adventure here in Krasnoyarsk!!! The past 24 hours have been some of the best and funniest days of our lives. A few examples...

- Julia was ready to leave to go to dinner and take pictures by the ice sculptors in a short sleeve t-shirt. Cindy replied "Julia, a t-shirt is NOT going to cut it. We are in the middle of Siberia" It was a very funny moment.

- We had the chance to go the orphanage again today and it was amazing! Our little guy (I call him my little man) started our time crying but quickly came around and we left with the most amazing highlights that you can only dream of...

- He looked at a truck and called it the Russian name "machina" and then we repeated the English word "truck. He responded truck. This was his first English word. We all were amazed that from then on he would call it a truck.

- Most amazing to us was the second word he said in English...JULIA! We are working with him to learn our names to call us and when we said that Julia was his systra and her name is Julia he responded Jula...And did it several times. Needless to say having Bryce say Julias name has made a lasting impression on her and exactly what she needed. Bryce also knows Cindy as MuMah and Billy as PaPuh. He would take his apple puffs and feed each of us one at a time as we called out our name. It was so neat as he would not do this in June.

We are learning so much about each other, the power of Gods mighty hand each day, Bryce and the desire to adopt. Bryce has snuggled with each of us and is so full of life. Our international adoption doctor told us that he is the healthiest boy she has seen come out of an orphanage and he is very smart and is full of life. He loves trucks, balls and all of the fun boy things and I tried to get him to say Go Eagles and we are still working on it. With Cindy being a Giants fan we must start early.

We have meet several families here for adoption as well and we have been spending time with a family here for "higher purposes" that we know through friends. It has been great to get a tour of the city and learn so much about Krasnoyarsk

We wish each of you a great day in the Lord!

Billy, Cindy, Julia and BRYCE!!!


  1. I am so happy for you all! Love the Siberia comment, Cindy! Has the 10 day waiting period been waved? I find it amazing how much Julia and Bryce look alike! Like he was made for your family. God is awesome that way! Take care.

  2. Julia.... You look so good as a "Big Sister"!
    We love the smile on Bryce's face sitting with you!!! Give him hugs and kisses from us here in Tennessee. Alyssa wants to say "hi" to Bryce also!!!
    Julie Word

  3. Hello Billy and Cindy! We are praising God with you for the OFFICIAL announcement that Bryce is your son! Yay! We are praying for you daily, and can't wait to meet him!! Sharon Comly and Family

  4. Yay. I know Julia was elated that he said her name. Awesome. See you guys again soon.