Saturday, February 28, 2009

Julia's First Blog

Hi this is from Julia...

Today we are going to church with some friends that we met here in Krasnoyarsk. We have to catch a bus to go to the church and I never thought that I would be catching a bus to go to church in Russia. Yestarday was Saturday and we went to the zoo. It was so, so much fun! We got to see bears, Polar Bears (and that is something you do not get to see very often in America).

We will be home in 19 days and I am sooooooooooo excited to see my soccer team that I really miss a lot...I miss Mackie, Madalyn, Abby, Rachael, Colleen, Brooke, Nat, Katie, Kristen, Rileigh, Madison, Julianna and coach Bill and Ken. We think of Coach Joel often as he prepares to go overseas to protect our country.

I also miss my friends at home and school.

I love my little brother. I cant believe that he said my name and he is soooooooo cute. He sits on my lap and plays with a lot of different toys. Now he feels comfortable with us that he thinks he can do a lot of other things as well. I cant wait to have all of you meet him when he comes home.

Some things that I have leanred on this trip...(Dad is making me do this part)

- I have learned that Krasnoyarsk is double the size of the Lehigh Valley

- I have learned that some people live in really bad houses but they have really nice clothing.

- I have learned that you cant save all of the dogs.

- I have learned to speak a few Russian words like,...ya tvia sistra (i am your sister) and eta ok (its ok) and tebe nuzen toyolet (do you need the tiolet)

- I have learned that Bryce is a fiesty little guy with lots of life and he is already learning our names.

- I have learned some things about black wolves that they mark their territory and it smells like a skunk.

We met a new girl that is adopted by a very nice family and her name is Nastia. She is 10 years old and she does whatever I do and I am glad to have her as a friend.


  1. Love the picture of Bryce and Julia. As excited as I am for you two, I think this experience for Julia is amazing. I love checking out your updates and am continuing to be praying for all of you.

    Adoption is the greatest.......Bryan Benson

  2. Good Morning BCJB Family,

    I can not tell you how excited I am that all of you will be coming home very soon and the Dunn family household will be full of more joy and laughter and little boy

    It looks like a great time in Russia ENJOY yourselves.

    In Christ Love

    Deborah and Bob

  3. Hi Julia!!!! We are so happy for you becoming a big sister!!! It sounds like you are having a fun time in Krasnoyarsk!!!
    We wish that we could be there with you!!!
    We watch your blog everyday, so keep it coming!!!
    Julie, Wade & Alyssa

  4. I liked reading all of the things you learned Julia! :) I'm glad your family is doing well. The kids all miss you very much. It's nice to see the pictures of Bryce on here. We'll see you in a couple weeks!
    Love, Miss Stone

  5. Julianna FedorichMarch 2, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    Hi!Bryce looks so cute.I cant wait to meet him in person.It is a big responsibility to be a big sister.Like how you act around him.But the best part is changing dipers!They(babies)can be soooo cute at first but after a long time they be come annoying!Everyone will think they are so cute,you will not.Yet they are still and always will be cute!
    I hope you all are safe on the way home.We all miss you and cant wait untill you get back!

  6. Julia! Great job on your first post! I'm so excited for you as you learn about Russia (dad's are that way, always trying to make you learn something!) :)and get to travel around. And how special that you and Bryce are getting to spend time together! I know you will be a great big sister!