Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arrival In Krasnoyarsk

We have arrived in Krasnoyarsk this morning at 5:45 am. This is a picture outside of our hotel that has the largest Christmas tree in Russia and lots of amazing ice sculptures. We landed in a snowstorm and they had a plow come out to the plane. I have never experienced a landing like that before. It is definitely cold here but they say it has warmed up since last week when it was -45°C which is probably about -32°F. Driving from the airport to here was quite an experience. When the cars pass you, you barely can see the road from all the snow being kicked up from the car in front. I have to say the snow and ice sculptures outside our hotel are breathtaking. We were able to sleep today from about 8-3. Definitely strange sleeping during the middle of the day. The missionary family that we were going to stay with called and we went to dinner with them at California Pizza. They have two adorable little boys and are a wonderful family. Julia had a lot of fun with their boys. Right outside our hotel is this ice slide so the boys taught Julia how to go down it. I was unable to watch because it is steep and one complete ice hill. Just goes to show how cold it is here when you have ice sculptures that can stay up all winter without melting!

We were not able to see Bryce today. Our facilitator said we should rest since we have had busy days of traveling. Sergey will pick us up tomorrow at 8:00 am and then we will go see Bryce for the first time on this trip. We cannot wait to see if he will remember us. We are thankful for the opportunity to visit Bryce tomorrow. Monday is a Russian holiday to honor the military men so typically we would not be allowed to go to the orphanage. We have been overwhelmed by God’s little blessings each step of the way!

Our court date is Tuesday at 4:30 pm instead of 10:00 am. Please keep praying for God to move a mighty mountain and allow our 10-day waiting period to be moved. They said it is highly unlikely unless the child you are adopting has a medical emergency and thankfully Bryce does not. We were talking to our missionary friends today and we said Julia will be missing her PSSA’s and that we were going to try to talk to the judge about coming home early for that. She did say that they value children here and education and it is worth a try. We know that God can do all things so please be praying with us. Therefore, when you are all still sound asleep, we will be meeting with the judge and they will decide if we are fit parents for Bryce and hopefully wave the 10 day waiting period. We know God is in Control!

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  1. We are so glad you made is safely to Kras!!!
    We had a simular landing on our trip in November. Tell Julia that we are really jealous that we cannot enjoy the ice slide with her!!! Have fun visiting with little Bryce!!!