Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Great Day With Bryce

Thanks for taking the time ot read our daily updates. We really enjoy giving you the opportunity to walk with us each day as we go about this amazing journey together. We had another great day that started with the 60 minute drive to the orphanage. Today they have an economic summit here in Krasnoyarsk and so the traffic was a bit busier.

Did You Know...
- That Russia has 11 time zones and we are 12 times zones from Pennsylvania.
- That Russia has close to 1,000,000 orphans.
- That Russia has 70 % of the natraul gas in the world.
- That Russia has the wealthiest city in the world. (Moscow)
- That the people of Russia are some of the hardest working and most practical people I have ever met that really use resources wisely.

We then came into the orphanage play room and 12 kids including Bryce were doing a "Pancake" celebration celebrating the end of winter. And yes it is still really cold!!!

We watched Bryce for 15 minutes and the rest of the kids left and Bryce stayed and seems to really enjoy spending time with us. We think that he likes to sit in our laps to get the one on one attention that he has rarely recieved in the 2 short years of his life. He sits with each of us in our lap and most be right in the middle of our lap. We read, play with cars, trucks, trains, games etc. After 60 minutes Bryce was ready to have some active fun and we played, wrestled, tossed balls, played with the soft padding and generally had a great time and before you know it he was headed back to his room. Bryce is really coming around to us and each day allows part of his guard down and it is neat to see his personality come to life. This little guy is one tough and strong little guy...

This afternoon we went to the the top of a maountain via the ski chair lift and spent time hiking and then came back to the hotel. We will not be able to see Bryce this weekend as you are not allowed to visit on Saturday/Sunday. We are sorry that our comments sectiondoes not work...We do not know why?

Have a GREAT weekend!


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