Friday, February 27, 2009

What a GREAT GOD We Serve!

The girls are still asleep and i am sitting here in bed praying and thanking God for His goodness to us. This journey has not been easy and yet I sense a word from the Lord today unlike any other day. I look at the pictures of Bryce and cant help but rejoice in the fact that in 7 days he will be our son and i am soooo glad to have Cindy to share this journey with. I am amazed at how God speaks to our heart in the queitness of the morning. I sense Him right here in our room.

Each day we recapture the moments of spending time with Bryce and his smile, his love, his laugh, his tears all make us smile as well. Some funny moments...

- We were told that the reason Bryce's hair is long is that asked not to have it cut. This is not true and we asked them to cut it and they said we can do that when we get home. He looks like a little surfer boy.

- We had dinner last night with several other families and the waitress spoke little English, not that we should expect her to. We had a lot of variations from what we thought we ordered.

- Bryce has been able to say a good amount of words in English as we say them to him. He is also learning the basic sign language signs and did please rubbing hiss belly.

- Julia has been getting some older sister advice from people and kids back home and basically she has been told that younger brothers are good but they can get on your nerves at times. She said after our two hour visit when we returend home...I am tired. Yes, Julia was tired.
We will not be able to see Bryce over the weekend and I am writing to ask each of you to pray for three requests...

1. For our transition with Bryce each day. He is really attaching to us each day and we would love to see that continue.

2. For Julia to stay strong being away for so long.

3. For our travel that will totally rock Bryce's world. He has rarely left the orphanage so a 5 hour flight, a week in Moscow and an 11 hour flight will be a radical change for him.

We love you!

Billy, Cindy, Julia and Bryce

To God be the Glory

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  1. I love reading every day that you are having with Bryce. I can't wait to see how he is going to settle in when you get him back here. I will continue to pray for all of you!