Monday, March 16, 2009

Embassy Visit Complete

This afternoon we went to the US Embassy and finalized Bryce's visa and citizenship. It brought back a lot of memories of the past 5 years and this journey and I started to cry right in front of the Consular Agent. Embarrasing. We have his US Visa and Russian passport. Bryce will hold dual citizenship until 16 then he can decide what to do next. The interesting thing is that if he does not renounce his Russian citizenship and he coames to Russia between the ages of 17-29 he could be drafted into the Russian army. Interesting...

When Bryce's feet hit the ground in Newark he will be an official US Citizen. We are excited about the reality that we leave for home in just 2.5 days. We have meet so many wonderful people and Bryce has been haivng some play dates here with a family that works for the Dutch Embassy but they are from Serbia. Very Cool.

We talked this AM with a family from Munich Germany about their adoption and we have plans to see Red Square with a family we were with in KRAs Tuesday and we have a birthday party for two girls Wednesday night at the Holiday Inn. Then its home...

How do we even begin to tell you how God has placed this love in our hearts for our little man and the part that each of you have played. We would not be here without you! From the financial help to the workds of encouragement to the rides to the airport to the countless prayers on our behalf. We are so grateful.

Billy for the four of us


  1. Great news! We've been praying for your family. Of course Bryce will truly be a Cowboys AND Penn State fan when he grows up. Do I even need to sign who this is?

  2. WOOHOO! So excited for all of you! Praying for a safe return and easy transition for all of you!

  3. hey dunns!
    what an amazing experience. wow-you are so close!!! there's a lump welling in my throat, so i can not imagine the intensity of emotions you guys are experiencing. we are so excited to meet bryce. he and julia will be good buddies-looking forward to playground dates. we will be praying for your huge trip home and transistion! love you guys! derstine family

  4. Wonderful!!! I am so happy for all of you. I can't wait to meet this little guy who has so captured all of your hearts. He must be pretty special! Still praying!