Monday, March 23, 2009

We arrived home from our long trip home Thursday evening and went straight to Red Robin. We were trying to stay up so that we could get on the East Coast time schedule a bit easier. That night we all crashed and fell asleep very fast. Everything was smooth as the passport control said they would waive the interview and mail all of the documents to us in 2 weeks. Lufthanse did loose Julias luggage for a few days and it arrived on Sunday morning at 3:58AM. We awoke to a man ringing our door bell and i was ready to pull out the old bat...

Friday we tried to settle in a bit and watch Bryce enjoy every aspect of our home. What an amazing little boy. He wants to know about everything and is so much fun to be with. We went to Julias soccer game Friday (yeah Socceroos) and came home and went to bed. Saturday we enjoyed having some close feiends that are like family to us and we enjoyed an amazing lasagna meal with them. Thanks Karen as lasagna never tasted so good! Bryce really warmed up to them and we took him outside on Julias little Barbie car that a kid can drive around and he loved it. We awoke sunday morning and we all went to church together and it was so wonderful to be in the house of the LORD!

Some amazing Bryce-isms:

1. When we pray Bryce has now joined us by holding hands and squeezing his eyes closed really hard then when i say amaen he shouts out...AMEN! Then a big smile.

2. Last night Bryce snuggled with Julia on the couch and they watched Barney together. for those of you that have multiple kids, this is such a memory to cherish. He was so close to Julia with his head on her belly.

3. He can now count to seven then he goes right to ten. He can also recite the ABC's. We hope that by the end of next week he will be speaking arabic fluently and reciting the book of Romans.

4. This makes papa really proud...He still loves to say Eagles and then he says Giants Yukky. Teach them young!!!

5. Last night was a wonderful night as Bryce wrnt to sleep with Cindy on the rocking chair right in her arms. I loved that mental picture...

6. He is fascinated by the microwave and whenever it goes off he yells that it has stopped. With all of the coffee Cindy heats up it is good for her...

Today Julia went back to school and Billy went back to work. When I walked into my office it was fully decorated with lots of stereamers, kids toys, stickers and some nice gifts for Bryce and Julia. The staff here at Habitat for Humanity is to kind. a BIG thanks...

We are working hard to bring Bryce up in the training of the LORD and it is HM that we want Bryce to know in a deep and intimate way. We are enjoying each day the Lord gives us with him.

Thank you for all of your support. It is hard to imagine that it is already over.

Billy for the Dunn family of Four


  1. We throughly enjoyed reading your experience of bringing Bryce home. Thank you for giving us a peek into what it will be like when we are walking in the same steps to bring our little one home. I am sure it is hard to transition back to your "normal" life. Russia is an amazing place full of wonderful people and sights. I loved hearing how you took in as much of it as you could! Amy Yarbrough

  2. We are SO happy to hear that you're safely home and settling in. Truly, we would love to see you and meet Bryce. Let us know when you have a free day/night (haha) and we'd love to have you visit the 'farm'. He'd probably enjoy the chickens and goats ... and maybe even a ride on the 4-wheeler. We miss you guys so much! So glad you're now a family of FOUR!!!! :)
    The Holtzhafers