Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tunnel Vision

Today is Monday March 2nd and we are anxiously awaiting our GOTCHA DAY. This is the day when we have Bryce 24/7. He is technically our child but their is a 10 day wait here in Russia that allows us to only see him for 2.5 hours a day. We go to the orphanage each morning and this past weekend we were not able to see him at all...

On Saturday we took the bus across the Yensi River and went to the Krasnoyarsk Zoo. It has a Russian feel but you can get very clsoe to the animals. That was simply amazing. Saturday night we went to dinner with two families that were able to get their children as they are a week in front of us schedule wise. The one family adopted brothers 6 and 9 years old and the other family adopted a 10 year old girl. Julia and Nastia have become best friends in one day and they hold hands together and play together and this is just what Julia was praying for Saturday morning.

Sunday morning we awoke and then went to church here in Russia. It was an outstanding servide and we enjoyed taking communion with our fellow believers here in Russia. The message was on Genesis 5 and what a great job the pastor did. I dare you to read Genesis 5 and see if you are able to put together a sermon from Genesis 5. Church went 2 hours and 30 minutes then we went to eat at Subway. Subway is one of several places that are familiar to many of us...In the Subway they have a large play area like the one at McDonalds and the funny thing is you pay to play. We had two familes with their newly adopted Russian children, us waiting and a missionary family with two little boys. It was a BLAST!

After Subway we went to a sledding hill that has a toe rope to the top. It was so much fun and the story of this entire post might jest be that Cindy went Cross County Skiing. I watched her all the way home and she did excellent! I do not know why but winter seems so much more enjoyable here. Last night we ate dinner in the room and spent time with one of the families and their 10 year old daugther that was just adopted on Saturday. As I mentioned Julia and her are quickly becoming close friends. Both families commented on the patience and compassion and kindness Julia has with the three newly adopted kids. None of them speak English and somehow they love to play together and the language barrier is not an issue. This got me thinking about how Racism develops regardless of who it is directed at and how it is not of the Lord! When we look at Bryce we embrace his culture and Russian heritage but what we see at the core is a Kak Kra Vista. (Beautiful boy)

Today we went to the orphanage and the video above is of Bryce today coming through some of the soft play areas. When Bryce came into the room he came right to Billy and was as happy as can be. We played with him and it was so much fun! He is already picking up lots of words and knows each of our names and Grandma as well. Bryce's personality is very fun and he loves to put toys back in the same place he found them but he is also very fiesty and strong. I might be out of practice but he is so quick. You must watch him all of the time. He loves to feed us and snuggle in our arms and he gives multiple kisses to us each day. He is our little man and we love him dearly.

We are now doing school work and I will be spending the rest of the day working on some Habitat for Humanity projects. A BIG hello to all of you that have been praying for us as we make this amazing journey. God is so good...We are thinking of all the people that are still waiting to come and start their families.

Please enjoy the video and keep praying. It feels like Saturday cannot come fast enough. Feel free to post a comment.
We love you.
Billy, Cindy, Julia and Bryce


  1. Neat to see your little guy in action! I enjoyed the movie. How old is Bryce? 2 years old or is he younger?

    I can only imagine how hard it is to leave Bryce each day in someone else's care as you wait for your gotcha day. For certain, he is in God's hands and we pray that He will bless this time of transition by making it as smooth as possible. Maybe it makes it easier on Bryce and that is why Russia does this? At least when he is older and asks questions about life in Russia, you will have lots to tell him about.

    Blessings to you & Cindy! --chris (mccarthy) ferguson

  2. I love the video. You guys have no idea what a boy is going to do to your lives. ;D
    Can't wait to see you all when you get home. Still praying.


  3. Wow Billy, Cindy, and Julia. Sooo good to hear how Bryce is welcoming you and you are welcoming him!! God is answering our prayers. It's so great that Julia made a friend there in Russia! Love and prayers!! Sharon Comly

  4. Kim Fedorich-PowersMarch 2, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    Your complete family is beautiful! The four of you look so happy. Please keep safe. We can't wait to meet Bryce (and to see the rest of the Dunn family too).God has truly blessed all of you.
    Kim Fedorich-Powers

  5. I am amazed that you guys are able to do so much there. How did you know about there being a church there? A Habitat for Humanity project in Siberia, the zoo?? We literally only left out hotel room to go to the orphanage and get food! What bums we were! I wish we had had other things to do, we were bored out of our minds!;)
    Glad you got to see your little man today, he is so cute!

  6. Continuing to pray for you all! Great post, Julia! Sarah has enjoyed seeing you with your new little brother and says if you have any questions to give her a call - she really enjoys her little brother who is only one year older than Bryce. You two could compare notes!! Can't wait to meet him! Take care!

  7. Love to everyone. Have been folowing along &
    finally figured out how to do a comment(I think) Bryce is beautiful & it won't be long
    til he meets his new Grandmom. Please be careful & stay safe.