Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Day

Thank you for so many of you that have been praying for us as today was an excellent day. We spent the morning together with Bryce and it is not easy for him our us being in this small two room "suite" in the hotel. He took a great 2 hour power nap and then we went to some missionary friends house for the afternoon and Bryce in this environment was so wonderful. It had structure, he sat in a high chair and had structure with his food, great toys that provided him structure within the large family room. The highlight for me was watching Cindy and Bryce play for an hour with trucks and large lego's. After all of the American Girl Doll sessions I have done and the hundreds of times Julia and I set up her dollhouse it is good to see Cindy play with trucks and trains.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Tim and Iris for their kindness today. Bryce was much more relaxed today then the day before and my guess is that it will be great days and not so great days. In the end, we have a little man that we pray will grow to love Christ in a way that will change his life. We could not be happier.

I know that some people who are adopting are reading our blog and I sure hope that we do not cause you to screw up with our stories and advice but we learned something today...

Not one person has written a book on international adoption that fits Bryce perfectly. We are reading him each day and learning more and more about how we can best serve him as his parents. It is not his job to love us as much as it is our job to love him and this comes down to knowing and understanding him. Reading him each day to understand his likes and dislikes his time to be alone and to be smothered with love, a time to sleep (please) and a time to play, a time to let go and a time to hold close. We have read books that have prepared us for this adventure but nothing compares to reading your child. The books we read have given us much insight but Bryce is giving us the story page by page.

Today Bryce wore his Brian Westbrook jersey and he looked great. He should fit right into the Dunn home but seriously God has been so amazing to us and drawn us sooooo close to Himself and each other and it is so neat to see.

A short note about Julia...We have come to realize that Julia as I have mentioned before is such a blessing to us and she is getting to be the big sister that she has been praying about for several years. He love and compassion is amazing toward him even when she must now hide important toys and deal with some of her stuff getting broken by Bryce.

A short note about Cindy...Not that this would surprise many of you but Cindy is so strong from the inside out. I have come to appreciate the Godly women she is in ways that blow me away. She has patience like I have never seen and she is so good with the challenge of this routine in a tough country in sub zero degree temps.

We believe that the success of the trip is directly connecting to so many of you praying. We cant ever thank you enough for this treasure!

Billy for the family

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