Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We have been so busy with this little man that putting photos of our journey up has been a challenge. I finally I have a chance...
We leave Krasnoyarsk in less than 24 hours and Cindy is already packed. We are ready to be home. Enjoy these photos.
#1: Megan has been staying at our home while we are away with another former youth grouper and she locked her car keys in her car while the car was still running and we want to thank Bob for coming to the rescue.
#2: Bryce is his new EAGLES outfit. Go Birds.
#3: Bryce wearing Julia's soccer t-shirt in honor of the Socceroos.
#4: Bryce after his first bath. We started with a washclothe then to the floor with some water then Daddy in the tub then Bryce in the tub then Julia in the tub and he LOVED it. We were all soaked but he is clean.
#5: Julia and Bryce on the ice slides.
We leave for Moscow tomorrow at 4:30am. Needless to say not much sleep.
We love each of you and thanks for following along. What an amazing journey. We have never been more challenged and yet sensed amazing joyat the same time.

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  1. Thanks for making your blog;-). We have enjoyed following your journey. It has brought back many fond memories of our own adoption in Krasnoyarsk (2005). I had a sudden memory of how sweet our little girl smelled (orphanage smell off her) after her first good bath...LOL. But, oh my, the smell of her horrible pooh diapers took months to tone down!!! BTW, the ice sculpting was also awesome for us when we were there. Enjoy your journey. It all goes so quickly!!! CONGRATS!!! He is adorable;-). Many blessings...Trisha and Family