Friday, March 6, 2009

We Are A Family of Four!

What an amazing 24 hours and sorry for the delayed post. We signed some documents on Friday and then went for our last meal as a party of three. It was fun to have this time and enjoy this moment together. At 2:00pm Friday we headed to the orphanage and Bryce came right to Cindy with his new clothes on (Julia picked out the outfit) and we took a few pictures and off we went. It was literally like 5 minutes. No tears...No crying and it is amazing to watch the eys and the mind of a 2 year old see everything for the first time.

We arrived back to the hotel and our lives have been changed forever. What a cute and cuddly little guy but he is also the busiest little man I have ever meet. Its a combination of the World Wrestling Federation meet Superman meets Mr. Rogers all wrapped in one. We played for awhile in the room and in 60 minutes toys were everywhere. FUN!

We went to dinner at a place called the Mixed Patio. It is a cafeteria stlye place with lots of choices that you can actullay see and Bryce ate like a champ. Cindy was excellent with him at dinner. We then went to slide on the ice and came back and talked to 2 other american families and Bryce started to fall asleep. We thought it might be good to give him his warm milkthat he is used to before bed and that kept him up an extra 2 hours. Bryce and Billy walked the halls about 20 times and he finally laid in Billy's arm and fell asleep. He slept frm 10:30pm to 7:00am and we were up all the time amazed at how much he moves. The big prayer request for us will be his ability to sleep. He does everything very well.

He has gone on the big potty 5 times and seems to enjoy every apect of life at this point. We got up Saturday morning and played for a while then went and took a walk and had lunch...You gueesed it Mixed Patio! It is a good place the is inexpensive and we can actulaly see what the food is for Bryce...AND US!!!

We were able to get him to fall asleep in his stroller and he is sleeping for his afternoon nap as I type. PTL!!!

For those of you that have adopted before you know that amazing feeling of taking this little life and welcoming him to your family with open arms. It has given us an idea of the unconditional love that God has for us. He loves us in spite of who we are and where we have been. We are so thankful for this journey and I must say that I am personally blessed with two amazing girls in my life.

The funniest part about Bryce is his learning of words. Last night as he was crying and we were trying to get him to sleep he kept saying to us in his little two year old voice...I love you or as he says I luf you. Talk about bringing to dead in your tracks before the LORD! He says I love you a lot and is showing great signs of attachment to all three of us.

Tomorrow we will go to church and then to Subway followed by Womens Day here on Monday. I have some fun plans for Cindy and Julia. If you are reading this and can rememebr a time when you felt complety surrendered to the Lord and emotionally boken, this is us. We are thrilled as Mary was in our hearts at all God has done. Our 5 year adoption journey is complete. As one parent said here in Russia...

We are not sharing our heart with Bryce it is no three times bigger than before.

We luf you!

Billy, Cindy, Julia and Bryce!


  1. Very exciting! You are family! Enjoy enjoy enjoy... --chris f

  2. Congratulaions! We will continue to pray for bonding and closeness, as well as a safe trip home! Take care.

  3. All I can say is that God is amazing. AMEN!!!