Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Days And Counting

I must admit that we have gone through so many unique emotions over the past two weeks. Today was no different...

- We found out that we get Bryce Friday night instead of Saturday and we may even get to come early 1-2 days. This would be a wonderful answer to prayer! We will keep you updated and we cant wait to have out little man with us.

- We said goodbye to 4 families that are a week ahead of us and have their children and are leaving tomorrow for Moscow and home. We were sad to see them go but excited for their return home. I did find a wonderful family that have just arrived and he is a Green Bay Packers fan...I simply reminded gim of 4th and 26. For all you Eagles fans you are smiling right now.

- We got to feed Bryce his afternoon snack of egg yoke cake and warm milk. He wanted to share it and it was "interesting". Bryce was so much fun and snuggly today and he clearly enjoys the 3 to 1 attention he is getting.

- I dropped my wallet on an escelator and a coin fell out and completly shut down the entire escelator. Not good when you only speak a handful of Russian words. I said sorry and Julia and I took a side door out.

- It got to 25 degrees and little snow which is warmer and lesssnowy than at home. We smiled.

- We were stopped by an older Russian woman asking I think about directions. She went on for a while and she finally understood that we did not understand one word she said. What we found funny is that she actually thought we looked Russian.

- That our entire world is about to change. This little guy is the fastest and most determined 2 year old around. We will be moving a lot with him...

- We felt for a family that had court today and was told by the judge that she did not think that mom was going to be a good parent. We prayed for them during their court date today and they did get their kids!

- We are burdened by the sheer number of kids that are here and without the hope of a mom and dad. We have even talked about adding to the dunn nest...

- We are excited for our oldest "son Josh who gets married in less than 3 months. Josh is not really our son but we sure love him like a son!

- Julia has been remarkable on this trip. From friendships with a 10 year old Russian girl to helping a single mom with bath time she has been amazing.

This is a picture of Bryce eating his snack. 3 days until we are a family of four.

Billy for the family

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  1. What an amazing trip you are all on. God is so good.
    BTW, just remember how many Super Bowls the Eagles have won compared to the Packers...nuff said!
    Hope to see you sooner than planned!